A Roma [4]

The above could have been the very last picture taken with my current camera: After taking it, I let go the camera which bounced on the pavement and…disappeared inside an manhole! I then thought it was lost to the cloaca maxima, but still took a look by the manhole and the camera was sitting within reach on a pile of refuse… Even better the camera is still working and seems to have lost a dust particle that was plaguing all my pictures since X’mas… (Btw, I eventually managed to get an Ethernet cable connection! Which implies text in addition to pictures on the ‘Og in the coming days.)

Living within walking distance of La Sapienza means I can take lots of pictures in the streets around the university, enjoying the morning & evening sun… As I wrote yesterday, almost all houses look like palazzi. Except the following one, which sounds more like a remnant of the fascist era. (It was indeed built between 1937 and 1938, and is now the site of the superior council of the magistracy.)

I thus appreciate very much the double opportunity offered by teaching this ABC advanced course at La Sapienza, namely both to reach new students and to enjoy a week of Roman dolce vita…

2 Responses to “A Roma [4]”

  1. […] I mentioned in a post last February, I almost lost my (Nikon Coolpix L26) camera to the cloaca maxima, in Roma. It however remained […]

  2. Love the camera rescue!

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