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Here is a recent email Jean-Michel Marin got about our ABC model choice paper:

Dear Dr.Marin,

We have found your research on and we were very impressed with your work. We are interested in publishing your research article “Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice” on our website, with distribution of its abstract to several major libraries throughout Canada and the USA. is a new online archive that combines the convenience and speed of online archiving with the permanent safety of off-line publishing. In addition to online publications, we also print a monthly bulletin containing abstracts for all the works archived the previous month and we distribute this bulletin to major libraries throughout Canada and the USA.

Currently we are collecting abstracts for publication within our March 2012 bulletin. The February 2012 bulletin is already in print and will be distributed to libraries by the end of March.

If you did not sign the exclusive license with (or with any other online site or journal) you can freely allow us to publish your work on Needless to say, this service is free. We charge absolutely nothing for archiving your works, printing the abstracts, and distributing them to libraries.

Please reply to this e-mail if you would like to have your work: “Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice” (or some other works of yours) published on and the abstract of it to be distributed to major libraries throughout Canada and the USA.

Thank you,

I simply cannot see the point in this scheme! I checked on the IntellectualArchive website but could not find a trace of this bulletin distributed to libraries, so I cannot say why any library would be interested into getting a list of the documents that were deposited to IntellectualArchive for a given month… I also checked for a few basic mathematical terms in the search engine and could not find any related document. (The only document I checked on “Artificially Creating Solar Eclipses” did not sound very promising…)  arXiv does a great job of collating manuscripts in a wide array of scientific fields, offers a buffer against non-sensible submissions, and is now connected to societies like the IMS which republish their papers therein. I also do not see the commercial appeal for the owners of the IntellectualArchive site, although there must be one! (There is a fee for those who “want to receive the paper certificate and to also get an ISBN for [their] textual work” but who would be interested in those?!)

3 Responses to “intellectual archive”

  1. Peter P. Says:

    I know what these guys are doing. They invite authors of most interesting works published on to And after that they invite most strong papers to the “IntellectualArchive” journal. Very simple.

    It appears their bulletin with abstracts – for everybody who posted their papers, and journal with articels – for the best authors. Actually, NOT A BAD IDEA.

    What surprises me however, how they are making money?! Compare their $19.99 with

    Sorry for my English…


  2. ISBN and certificate give one something to show their department head (hey, i published a book this year!) and get a raise/promotion. Whether this will work depends on the country.
    Vanity press taken to the next level.

    • I got exactly the same email the other day. It was amusing to find that I’d been elevated to Dr., but I also dismissed this as a money grabbing scheme.

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