AMSI lecturer

In conjunction with my summer trip down under in July-August, I have been nominated an AMSI-SSAI Lecturer. (AMSI stands for Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and SSAI for Statistical Society of Australia Inc.) In essence, this means I will travel in several places around Australia to give talks and meet people. This is quite exciting, although I find the prospect of giving a public lecture (as opposed to academic talks) a wee daunting. (Simulation seems like a safe topic, though, as it is hard to fail to find manageable examples. Simulated annealing for sudokus was the first to come to my mind.)

4 Responses to “AMSI lecturer”

  1. […] makes a great example for my general public talk in Australia this summer/winter!) […]

  2. […] statistician whose blog I follow, Christian Robert (silent t), is coming to Australia later in the year. Far from being just a blogging statistician, Robert is Professor of Statistics […]

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your talk. Will you be hanging around QUT for any length of time?

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