spurned once again by Lady MacDonald [ridge]

Since the huge amount of snow on the ground (plus a lack of snowshoes and an avalanche warning) prevented us (Alex, Devin, and myself) from climbing Ha Ling peak (rightmost peak on the above) on Sunday as we had planned, we crossed the valley to check whether Lady MacDonald was more welcoming than last time. (Despite highly pessimistic and eventually misinformed warnings from the lady at the Canmore information centre.) There was just enough snow to make the first part of the climb easier than on dry terrain and we reached the eyesore of the teahouse ruins in early afternoon, meeting two groups that had turned around there.

Since the slopes above us did not have much snow (an advantage of them being steep and south!), we had a try at getting to the top by bypassing the ridge that had defeated us last time and that we knew was too exposed for this time of year.

Unfortunately, the natural gradient (and snow) pushed us back inexorably towards it and after some interesting scrambling (where I was glad I had brought my ice-axe), we ended up on the edge. Just as before. We could thus only take pictures of the impressive drop on our right and of the overhanging cornices, before getting back (and down 1200m) to Canmore in the late afternoon (with a bit of backtracking along a lesser ridge). Despite having once again missed the true summit, this was a very pleasant Alpine hike.

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