ABC and discriminant analysis (and Molecular Ecology Ressources, ac’pted)

Our paper “Estimation of demo-genetic model probabilities with approximate Bayesian computation using linear discriminant analysis on summary statistics“, written with Arnaud Estoup, Eric Lombaert, Jean-Michel Marin, Thomas Guillemaud, Pierre Pudlo, et Jean-Marie Cornuet has now been accepted for publication in  Molecular Ecology Ressources. Great! This paper, written with members of our ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) group in Montpelier (and to which I contributed a moderate amount), is considering the use of linear discriminant analysis for the selection of summary statistics. In this respect, it connects with the recent “Dimension reduction in ABC” posted on arXiv by Blum, Nunes, Prangle, and Sisson, I recently commented on the ‘Og.

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