not only defended but also applied (rev’d)

Following a very positive and encouraging review by The American Statistician of our paper with Andrew Gelman on Feller’s misrepresentation of Bayesian statistics in the otherwise superb Introduction to Probability Theory , we have submited a revised version, now posted on arXiv. Hopefully, we will be able to publish this historic-philosophical note in The American Statistician, and maybe even get a discussion paper on the issue of misconceptions on Bayesian analysis.

2 Responses to “not only defended but also applied (rev’d)”

  1. Arnold Baise Says:

    There are references to Rubin (page 5) and Carter (page 7) that aren’t given in the References. The book by Good should have ‘Weighing’ rather than ‘Weighting’ in the title. You might want to refer to the Jaynes quote on page 2 by using a link to the website that has all his articles:

    Click to access preface.pdf

  2. It would be excellent to also have misconceptions on frequentist methods discussed there….of course, that’s what the whole “comedy hour” is about.

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