Computational Challenges in Probability [ICERM, Sept. 5 – Dec. 7]

I have just received an invitation to take part in the program “Computational Challenges in Probability” organised by ICERM (Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, located in what sounds like a terrific building!) next semester. Here is the purpose statement:

The Fall 2012 Semester on “Computational Challenges in Probability” aims to bring together leading experts and young researchers who are advancing the use of probabilistic and computational methods to study complex models in a variety of fields. The goal is to identify common challenges, exchange existing tools, reveal new application areas and forge new collaborative efforts. The semester includes four workshops – Bayesian Nonparametrics, Uncertainty Quantification, Monte Carlo Methods in the Physical and Biological Sciences and Performance Analysis of Monte Carlo Methods. In addition, synergistic activities will be planned throughout the duration of the semester. In particular, there will be several short courses and plenary invited talks by experts on related topics such as graphical models, randomized algorithms and stochastic networks, regular weekly seminars and relevant film screenings.

There are thus four workshops organised over the period and an impressive collection of long-term participants. I will most likely take part in the last workshop, “Performance Analysis of Monte Carlo Methods”, although I would like to attend all of them! (Interesting side remark: while looking at the ICERM website, I found that May 18th is the Day of Data! Great, except that neither the word statistitics nor the word statistician appear on the page…)

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