cross de Bercy 2012 [5k, 19:01, 9th &1st v2]

(Warning: not much of interest to anyone there, as I am posting about a local race I ran!)

Today, I ran my annual Ministry of Finances race. This year, I had the choice between 5km and 10km, so I picked 5km if only because I dislike running two identical loops (and also because I am running a 10km on Sunday in Caen). I was in reasonable shape so managed to get to the head of the race at the start, avoiding the crowd in the narrow paths of Bois de Vincennes and stuck to my 8th position for most of the race, until I got passed by the female winner close to the 4th k, and I ended up first in my category in a rather slow 19:01. So I brought back to the office a rather large (and necessarily ugly) cup… This year I did not even bother to take split times at each km tag as I knew they were most unreliable: for instance, I did 3:09-6:49-10:20 for the three first ones. Anyway, this was a rather pleasant race in a cool weather and prior to a strong rain shower that would have left us drenched. My INSEE Paris Club running team managed to get 5 first positions (out of 16) and 10 cups out of the 48 cups delivered for the event! (As in the past years I then had to rush from the stadium to attend a seminar at CREST, where I must acknowledge my attention span varied at times…)

One Response to “cross de Bercy 2012 [5k, 19:01, 9th &1st v2]”

  1. christellejulyan Says:

    Well done IPC!!

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