Memorials and donations for George Casella

There will be several memorials in remembrance of George:

  • a memorial service at 5:00pm Thursday at the United Church of Gainesville, Florida;
  • a session at 7:00pm Friday in Fowler Hall, Stewart Center, Purdue University, Indiana, during the 8th International Purdue Symposium on Statistics that takes place on June 20-24;
  • a session at 1:00 pm next Wednesday, Room B*, Kyoto TERRSA Conference Centre, Shinmachi Kujo Minami-ku,Kyoto,Japan, during the ISBA2012 Conference that takes place there on June 25-29.

We are collecting pictures of George for those memorials so, if you wish to send some of yours, please email them urgently to Ed George or to me and we will share them along.

Donations can be made to the George Casella Fund, set at Purdue, George’s Alma Mater:  Select College of Science as Designation Area, Department of Statistics as Fund, and indicate The George Casella Fund in Other Instructions (box). Or send a check to Professor Rebecca Doerge, Head of the Department of Statistics at Purdue.

3 Responses to “Memorials and donations for George Casella”

  1. The Purdue Memorial Service for Geoge Casella is now available at:

    •Rebecca Doerge Department of Statistics, Purdue University
    •Gene Hwang Department of Mathematics, Cornell University and National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
    •Mary Ellen Bock Department of Statistics, Purdue University
    •Jim Berger Department of Statistical Science, Duke University
    •Min Zhang Department of Statistics, Purdue University
    •Larry Brown Department of Statistics, University of Pennsylvania

    Let me know if you have questions.

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