Shishigatani [ein anderer Philosophenweg]

I managed to go running very early on Monday morning, as light came before 5am, a grey daw with no sunrise. It was only very mildly raining, which, given the overall humidity, did not make much of a difference! Heading to the eastern mountain Daimonij-yama was rather easy and I came upon a path by the Aruka-ji temple without really looking for it. This was not the usual path to Daimonji-yama, for sure, and I did not end up in the same summit, but it was a pleasant enough trail run in the woods (as pleasant as running in the mud, uphill, jet-lagged, and in 80% humidity can be!). As I was at the top by 6:30, I did not see a soul around. On the way back, I found the “path of philosophy” (Testugaku-no-Michi) meandering by a canal, which reminded me of Heidelberg Philosophenweg (although this one was much mode an inducement to philosophize!), and came back to the hotel after a 100mn run, hopefully not burning all my reserves for this afternoon talk!

One Response to “Shishigatani [ein anderer Philosophenweg]”

  1. wow, must have been an amazing run

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