Gion and Kiyomizu [more wandering]


Being still utterly and irremediably jetlagged, I went running again very early to south Higashimaya, passing by Gion and Kiyomizu temples, as well as running on a pleasant path in the wood, up to the top of the hill (Zushiokukachōchō?) and being rewarded by a superb view of the city as it was less hazy (if still humid) than  yesterday. (I am quite surprised at seeing hardly any other runner on those runs, even though I agree that running in the middle of the woods by 5:30am is not a standard morning jogging)
In Gion Temple, which was a large complex of many temples and there were Buddhist monk chants coming from one of the buildings, which added to the beauty of the site. As usual, I was wondering of the buildings, shrines and fountains. But it was incredibly peaceful with only a few (old) people taking a walk there.
Coming upon the Kiyomizu complex was a complete surprise, as the main temple stands high upon the hill and seems to grow out of it. I was first unsure I was allowed on its grounds as I entered by what looked like a cemetery in the woods with pale blue hydrangeas around ideogrammed wooden poles…  There were old people doing some kind of tai-chi there and one of them invited me to join the group, which I politely declined! I came back to my hotel through what looks like a more touristy section of the city, albeit harmonious in the early hours, passing the restaurant that housed the conference party the night before and getting out of this complex by the Yasaka shrine. An exceptional 100mn run (if not for the pace, of course)!

One Response to “Gion and Kiyomizu [more wandering]”

  1. J’ai un tres bon souvenir de ma ballade au Kiyomizu…
    tres apaisant, une vue superbe…
    et puis le cote hallucinant de toutes ces statuettes avec leurs bavoirs ;)

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