simulation, a ubiquitous tool

After struggling for quite a while on that AMSI public lecture talk, and dreading its loss with the problematic Macbook, I managed to complete a first draft last night in Adelaide, downloading [at high financial cost!] a final set of images from the Web (plus a few personal ones, like a picture of my son’s Warhammer figurines!). Having very few inklings about the level and the expectations of the audience (if any!), I cannot say if this introduction to simulation is too basic. I will see after the first talk whether or not the aim was off-target… In any case, I am glad I was forced into writing this talk as I had always wanted to have a general-audience introduction to simulation at the ready and can now recycle it easily when and if needed. I will certainly use it in my R class this semester.

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  1. […] morning I went to see Christian Robert talk at QUT about the use of simulation as a tool in statistics. Overall it was quite an interesting talk although it was aimed at a less statistical audience than […]

  2. Thanks for posting these slides. I am giving a 4-hour CE course at the 2012 JSM on Simulation of Data. It is interesting to see which slides we have in common (MC estimate of pi, convergence/CI of estimate), but also which topics we chose that are completely different. Between your 100 slides and my 200, we only have about a dozen that are similar, which says something about how vast the topic of simulation is, as you point out in your opening slides.

    I think your slides are not too basic for a public lecture. In fact, I might have more simple examples than you do, although I am speaking to statistically savvy folks. Like you, I am looking forward to receiving feedback. Best of luck!

    • Thanks, Rick, and best of luck for JSM. I am uncertain about the level of sophistication of the audience, which may range from high school students (unlikely to attend, if I judge from the lack of answer from my son!) to faculty from other fields…

  3. Owe Jessen Says:

    Great work!

  4. Thomas Schwander Says:

    Hi, I found it a very nice presentation. Would it be possible to share it directly as Powerpoint or Keynote – File, or is there another possibility to save the file?


  5. That should be “A ubiquitous tool” not an ubiquitous.

    • Thanks. Darren also pointed out this grammar mistake. I will update the slides whenever I can get a decent Internet connection (30K/s is not decent!)

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