AMSI-SSAI Lectures #2-3

The AMSI lecture at UNSW on ABC for model choice last Monday was very well-attended, with additional participants from other universities  like Newcastle connected through the grid, and Robert Kohn set a follow-up questions-and-answers session with local faculty and students. Interesting comments on pseudo-models and misspecified models… And new ideas for incoming Master projects. I am quite impressed by the School of Economics in the Australian School of Business and by the UNSW campus as a whole. (Maybe the more because a kind faculty who set me on my way there asked me from which part of England I was from!) This is the second econometrics department I visit this semester and I think we should beef up the interactions between stat and econ… (Maybe starting a Bayesian Econometric section at ISBA would help now that the Bayesian computation section has reached the critical level of support to be created!)

On Tuesday, I then took the train(s) to the University of Western Sydney, which allowed me to see much more of the greater Sydney than the (more privileged) area between downtown and Bondi! There were fewer peoples attending at UWS but video links with other campuses helped in reaching a critical level. Before returning to UNSW, I also managed to get a glimpse of one of Australia’s oldest buildings, a former girl orphanage built in 1813…

I must acknowledge some kind of “travel fatigue” syndrome at this stage of my trip, due both to a poor sleeping pattern and the constraints of staying a few days at a given place, with some difficulties to concentrate on deeper issues than planning the next move and not forgetting anything at the current one! I am thus looking forward the next fortnight in Monash University, Melbourne, where I am teaching a two-day course in addition to working with Gael Martin and giving a few seminars…

One Response to “AMSI-SSAI Lectures #2-3”

  1. Your picture of the black swans looks great. Would love to visit Sydney once (or maybe twice!).

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