AMSI Lectures #8-10

This is the last series of lectures for my AMSI Lecture tour: in Brisbane, I gave the Rao-Blackwellisation talk this afternoon at the University of Queensland and will give tomorrow both the public lecture (for the second time) and the ABC for model choice at QUT. This will then see the end to this (almost) exhaustive if exhausting tour of Eastern Australian university towns… Brisbane has this great feature of connecting QUT with UQ by a fast boat, which meant I could work with Kerrie Mengersen on the revision of our ABCel paper in the morning and be at UQ ½ an hour later. A good thing as there are only three days left till I leave Australia after this seven week visit… (I am afraid there is no free time left for sampling the Brisbane dumplings!)

3 Responses to “AMSI Lectures #8-10”

  1. Such a shame about the dumplings! But that simply means you will have to come back to Brisbane some time to try them :)

    Thanks for the talks, I enjoyed them very much.

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