please do not like my posts!!!

This is a very minor inconvenience with WordPress (or just the blogging world) so do not read any further as it does not matter in the slightest! Indeed, for every post that I write, a few complete strangers tag it with a “like” mention, for which I get a notification. Given that those strangers have their own blog, mostly related to photography, I suspect this is an indirect way to induce more visits to their own site… Even though I do not see how anyone but me is aware of those “like”s…

3 Responses to “please do not like my posts!!!”

  1. lesleycarter also does this with mine. Kotev1000 likes anything tagged “science”. I assume it’s all done with bots.

  2. Surpris, surprise: starscraper99, lesleycarter, and knieling2012 liked this post!!!

  3. I do not like your post.

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