ISBA gets [officially] younger!

I just missed the news that another section of ISBA had been officially created: j-ISBA stands for Junior-ISBA and aims to:

  1. promote and provide a forum for early career Bayesian researchers.
  2. organise conferences, workshops, and sessions in other meetings.
  3. provide social networking tools for early career Bayesian researchers in order to discuss research, exchange ideas with each other, and connect with the Bayesian community at large.

Annual  membership dues are $5 and if you join now during ISBA’s Fall Member Promotion, your membership will be extended until December 31, 2013!    Membership  in the section is limited to current students and junior researchers within five years of completing a degree.

The initial officers of the section are:

  • Section chair: Andrew Cron (Term: July 2012-December 2014)
  • Chair-elect: to be elected (Term: January 2014-December 2014)
  • Program chair: Francesca Ieva (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
  • Secretary: Marian Farah (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
  • Treasurer: Perla Reyes (Term: July 2012-December 2014)

The first election will be organized concurrently with the 2014 ISBA elections in the Fall of 2013, and will elect the Chair-elect, Program chair, and Secretary who will take office Jan 1, 2014. 

Exciting (Bayesian) times!!! Another by-product of the fantastic Kyoto meeting?!

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