R for dummies

Just saw this nice review of R for dummies. And thought after this afternoon class that my students in the simulation course at Paris-Dauphine could clearly benefit from reading it! They in fact had a terrible time simulating a truncated normal distribution by accept-reject. As they could not get the notion of normalising constants… (Yes, indeed, this very truncated normal distribution!) Even the validity of simulating a normal variate until the truncation is satisfied was not obvious to them and they took forever to program the corresponding code. Anyway, I will certainly order the book to check for myself (after receiving Genetics for dummies to make sure I use the right vocabulary, even though it is a bit too light in the end…)! And write a review for CHANCE if it generates enough interest in doing so…

4 Responses to “R for dummies”

  1. Just got my copy in the mail! I am tempted to give it to my 3rd year students for review…

    • Dear Xi’an,

      Can you please share the pdf version of the above mentioned book. Help will be appreciated.


      • First, I do not have the pdf version of the R for Dummies book and second, if I had it, I would not distribute it. If only for copyright reasons.

  2. This one would serve the purpose very well.

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