vote blanc…utile?!

IMG_3020My local representative at the Assemblée Nationale is getting renewed today (because the precedent election got invalidated) and I found this candidate’s proposal in my mailbox. This guy is trying to turn every white vote into a vote in his favour! Of course, if one put anything but an official bulletin in one’s envelope, the vote is still counted as void, but I am afraid some voters could be tricked into voting Martin! While I think white/null votes should count in the electoral debate, this initiative and the very notion of a Parti of the Null Vote are quite unappealing to me, and even borderline swindle. I mean, assuming this candidate Martin was elected, he would have no restriction from his electorate in voting whatever he likes… (Of course, the hyper-developed cynical part of myself argues that this also applies to all the other candidates!)

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