back to Banff in 2014![14w5125]

The TransCanada Pipeline pavilion, with Cascade Mountain (?), Banff, March 20, 2012A few days ago, we heard from BIRS‘s director the very good news, the great news, that our proposal for a workshop on Advances in Scalable Bayesian Computation had been accepted! The dates of this new workshop in Banff are March 3-7, 2014, which means 2014 will be a terrific year both for Monte Carlo-ing and for mountaineering, as it will follow MCMSki IV by two months! This proposal was led by Luke Bornn, now in Harvard, and Nando de Freitas, Scott Schmidler and myself joined forces with him. (Scott and I having the additional incentive of the prospect of terrific ice-climbing, we did not need too much prodding!) The overwhelming surroundings, the superlative facilities of the Banff Centre, and the quality of the company will undoubtedly make March 3-7, 2014, a great, great week!

2 Responses to “back to Banff in 2014![14w5125]”

  1. Julien Cornebise Says:

    Brilliant ! Very good memories from the workshop I crashed in Banff 2 years ago, hope to make that one too :)

    • Still cannot believe you gave up one day of hiking and climbing in September to come to listen to my MCMC course, not matter how interesting the audience of ecologians was…

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