Bayesian computation via empirical likelihood on line. Early.

Our paper on using empirical likelihood for Bayesian computation (with Kerrie Mengersen and Pierre Pudlo) has been accepted by PNAS [after we removed the A from ABCel!], which is terrific news! It has already appeared on-line as early edition in the issue of January 7. Which is also terrific! (Unfortunately, it is not open access, contrary to the previous PNAS paper on ABC model choice as the cost was just too high.)

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  1. […] interest for me [disclaimer: I was not involved in the review of this paper!] as we worked on ABC thru empirical likelihood, which is about the reverse of the current paper in terms of motivation: when faced with a complex […]

  2. Thanks, David. Publishing in PNAS makes sense both because this is a prestigious journal and because this is read by users of statistics. That anyone can access the very final version of the paper on arXiv does not strike as a weak argument: it is just one googling away…

  3. David Welch Says:

    Is the cost of open access really too high? At $1350 (or even $1000), I would have thought it was well within reach of professors at top universities in France and Australia. (Of course, anyone can find it on arxiv, but if that is the answer, why bother sending it to PNAS in the first place?)

    • The amount was double of that, I think, and this would take a fair chunk of my research grant, believe it or not! Now the question about why publish in PNAS is intriguing! Why publish at all?! And why pick a top journal to publish?!

      • David Welch Says:

        Those prices are from the PNAS website, maybe they’ve come down.

        The comment about arxiv was that people often justify publishing in restricted journals by saying preprints are available elsewhere — a rather weak argument.

        As for PNAS, I do find it a rather odd place to publish statistical papers due to size and content constraints they have. Indeed, I’m sure you made similar comments about it yourself a few years ago when some early ABC papers were published there. Most stats papers they have there have strong applied interest.

        But congrats on an interesting paper!

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