one of those coincidences…

The Taj Mahal from the terrace of Hotel Kamal, Agra, Jan. 2. 2013I was at a small faculty meeting today at Paris-Dauphine and introduced myself to my neighbour who shook hands with me and told me that last time he saw me it was in Agra! As it transpired, this colleague from the Law School, whom I had never met before, was visiting Agra at the same time as we were, stayed in the same hotel, and saw my Paris-Dauphine sweat-shirt at dinner (he was presumably wearing more neutral clothes)! Given the number of tourists visiting Agra at this time of the year, it is not such an immense coincidence that I met someone from Paris-Dauphine (after all, my other neighbour had also visited Agra a little while ago), but it still is a remarkable one that we ended up in the same hotel and that I chose to wear my Paris-Dauphine sweat-shirt that night…

One Response to “one of those coincidences…”

  1. Looks like one for Spiegelhalter’s coincidences:

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