Painted skin: the resurrection

On my flight back from India, I woke up early but was still too tired to do anything useful in my cramped seat next to my sleeping neighbour, so I watched a Chinese fantasy movie called Painted Skin: The Resurrection which was entertaining to the extreme, if bordering at time with the ludicrous. The special effects are great, with beautiful mountain landscapes. The story is better left untold, for fear it sounds as shallow as it is!, but the plot is about a soul exchange between a demon and a princess that does not end up as every party in the exchange wished.  (The music is not the strongest point of the movie, but listening to the movie in Mandarin—the only option on my flight!—enhanced the experience.) This is actually the (rather unrelated) sequel to another popular movie, Painted Skin, but the second movie proved quite popular in China.

2 Responses to “Painted skin: the resurrection”

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