odd prime numbers

Just read a puzzling fact in Le Monde science leaflet: someone at the “Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search” (GIMPS) just found a prime number with 17 million digits and…it is the 48th prime number of the form 2p-1. Which just means it is an odd number. How odd a remark!!! And how wrong. In fact, the short news item meant that this is a Mersenne number, of the form 2p-1! Another victim of a hasty cut&paste, I presume…

2 Responses to “odd prime numbers”

  1. Jean Louis FOULLEY Says:

    Christian/Your reference to Mersenne primes reminds me the famous “Mersenne twister” by Matsumoto and Nishimura with a quite smaller p value (p=19937) but yet a very long period of (2^p)-1! This random number generator is implemented in R by default if I remember correctly: see also the package “randtoolbox” for additional generators.

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