Another focussed spam in the mail:

Dear Dr. Christian P. Robert,

How are you?

I read your interesting article of “Error and inference: an outsider stand on a frequentist philosophy“, and I know you are an active professional in this field.

Now, I am writing you to call for new papers, on behalf of Review of Economics & Finance, which is an English quarterly journal in Canada.

This journal is currently indexed by EconLit of American Economic Association (AEA), EBSCO, RePEc, National Bibliography of Canada, Library and Archives Canada, DOAJ, Ulrich, and so on.

The publication fee is CAD$450, if your paper is qualified for publication after refereeing. The submission fee of $50 is NOT applied to you by March 6th, 2013.

Thank you for your consideration. Have a rewarding month!

At least, they are quite honest about the cost of publishing there. But they should check on which paper they pick rather than using a robot that takes a paper not talking about economics or finance… (And why on Earth this line about the rewarding month?!)

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