flu & Bach

As the cold I caught in England (maybe) last week was getting more severe, I went to see my doctor yesterday and he diagnosed a flu… So expect delays on the ‘Og in the coming days. (Interestingly, I have reached the part in Nate Silver’s book, The Signal and the Noise, about epidemics and the poor predictions related to the swine flu a few years ago.) What about Bach?! Well, my doctor always has classical music in his waiting room and Bach’s 6th Brandenburg concerto was playing while I was waiting, sneezing, and coughing. This piece is associated with my early childhood as it was on the only vinyl record my parents owned for quite a while, so we ended up listening to it very regularly… (In case you wonder, I still enjoy it very much!)

3 Responses to “flu & Bach”

  1. Severe test anxiety, eh? Hope you feel better, next time get a flu shot!

  2. Did you make the flu test? In Mexico, due to the Mexican flu, we check it in a laboratory after 2 days of influenza-like illness.

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