MCMSki IV, Jan. 6-8, 2014, Chamonix (news #6)

More news about MCMSki IV:

First, the 9 invited and the 16 contributed sessions are about to be set into the program by the scientific committee. It should appear any time now: stay tuned. We are just debating where to put the roundtable (in Camelot, of course!)

Second, after looking a wee bit around for sites or softwares handling the abstract submission/posting process, I decided to create a dedicated wordpress blog, MCMSki IV: poster abstracts. If you intend to present a poster at MCMSki IV, send an email to me with (a) surname, name (institution): title as the subject, (b) abstract and keywords (and possibly a link to a paper) as the body of the mail, at your earliest convenience. Obviously, suggestions for free and more efficient ways of doing this (i.e. storing and presenting and indexing poster abstracts) are most welcome!

Best wishes for the (northern) summer and the (southern) winter, with hopefully opportunities to hone your skiing skills…!

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