thumbleweed [local] news

A few more weeks have gone since the last thumbleweed post. The wound on the thumb is now completely healed. I am having physiotherapy to untighten the hand muscles and I have seen a prosthesist  a few days ago, towards getting back some of the thumb abilities.  Once again, most sincere thanks to all of you who still keep sending me greetings and good  wishes. Thanks too to the complete unknowns, from the supermarket cashier helping with filling my bag to another cashier giving me a box of chocolates as a sign of support, despite my protests, and to other acts of kindness.

In the meanwhile, weird accounts on how I lost my thumb came back to me, the most glorifying one taking place in the Himalayas… So following the suggestion of friends in Dauphine, I am now launching a short story competition on the theme of losing a thumb. Send me your story and I will post it (provided it can be posted!), towards the selection of the best short story by the ‘Og readers. Deadline is mid-September  and the maximum length is 5000 words. There is no prize, by the way!

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  1. Oh boy! Aliens allowed?

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