Gelman’s course in Paris, next term!

Andrew Gelman will be visiting Paris-Dauphine and CREST next academic year, with support from those institutions as well as CNRS and Ville de Paris). Which is why he is learning how to pronounce Le loup est revenu. (Maybe not why, as this is not the most useful sentence in downtown Paris…) Very exciting news for all of us local Bayesians (or bayésiens). In addition, Andrew will teach from the latest edition of his book Bayesian Data Analysis, co-authored by John Carlin, Hal Stern, David Dunson, Aki Vehtari, and Don Rubin. He will actually start teaching mi-October, which means the book will not be out yet: so the students at Paris-Dauphine and ENSAE will get a true avant-première of Bayesian Data Analysis. Of course, this item of information will be sadistically tantalising to ‘Og’s readers who cannot spend the semester in Paris. For those who can, I presume there is a way to register for the course as auditeur libre at either Paris-Dauphine or ENSAE.

Note that the cover links with an earlier post of Aki on Andrew’s blog about the holiday effect. (Also mentioned earlier on the ‘Og…)

6 Responses to “Gelman’s course in Paris, next term!”

  1. […] (Thurs) 8h30 (Paris time) I will be teaching my Bayesian Data Analysis class (class4a.pdf and class4b.pdf, you can follow the slides […]

  2. The classes will be on Friday morning, 8:30 till 10:30, starting on October 18, unless otherwise advertised.

  3. Mark Girolami Says:

    In addition Andrew will be giving a set of lectures as part of the Master Class series at CSML ( in UCL (Larry Wasserman, Arnaud Doucet, Martin Wainwright have been previous Jedi Masters) in that downtown suburb of Paris….. London. I hear that Warwick is soon to be designated a suburb of Paris as well.

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