MCMSki IV, Jan. 6-8, 2014, Chamonix (news #7)

More exciting (and important!) news about MCMSki IV:

First, some if not all of the 9 invited and the 16 contributed sessions are about now documented by abstracts. The program is completely set! If you plan to present a poster, remember to send me by email (a) surname, name (institution): title as the subject, (b) abstract and keywords (and possibly a link to a paper) as the body of the mail, at your earliest convenience.

Second, ISBA, SBSS and the BayesComp section of ISBA are putting $11,000 together to support travel for young researchers (who also get special rates at registration). lf you are a young researcher and looking for travel support, please apply at your earliest convenience on the ISBA via the ISBA form. (Details on that page.) Deadline for applications is September 30, mind!

Last, I just made my own reservation of a rental flat in Chamonix and noticed the offers are not so numerous any longer, so make sure to check soon if you do not want to go through the Conference Centre reservation system. And also if you do since the number of rooms is limited.

2 Responses to “MCMSki IV, Jan. 6-8, 2014, Chamonix (news #7)”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    Is there a deadline for poster submission?

    • no, as long as you register for the conference! of course, if you want to apply for the ISBA/SBSS/BayesComp support, the deadline is Oct. 15, 2013….

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