Dr Robert may I stop by your office in late-September?

Here is a silly junk mail:

Dear Dr. Robert,

My name is Robbie Tan from A-b-mart, a world leader in custom antibody production.

Recently, I have been scheduling a trip to France from late September to October. If you have any interest in custom antibodies, would you like to set up an appointment to discuss how our revolutionary technology would assist your research?

Our team specializes in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against multiple epitopes of a protein, also called an antibody library.  Thanks to the diversity of antibodies and epitopes, such a library would multiply your chance of success with applications such as immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation and flow cytometry.

Better yet, by simply informing us the protein sequence, within 4 months you will receive the tailor-made antibodies at only a fraction of current cost (e.g. 1100 Euro for 6 mAbs against 4 peptides of a protein).

We sincerely hope you to join nearly 2,000 scientists from all over the world, who are currently benefiting from our innovative and convenient services. For further information, you are most welcome to visit our website (just google our name!).

to which I am tempted to answer yes to show’em how interested I am in antibodies…!

3 Responses to “Dr Robert may I stop by your office in late-September?”

  1. I got the same mail. Either they are confused about what statisticians do or they just sent it to everyone in France.

  2. The commercial for A-b-mart must be a Jehovah witness on his spare time.

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