XL for 24/7 fame at (Ig) Nobel

Tonight, our friend Xiao-Li Meng will (no doubt brilliantly) deliver a 24/7 lecture at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. It will be webcast live, with a watching party in Paris…. (A wee too late for me, I am afraid.) Although Xiao-Li is quite able to lecture 24/7 on statistics, this special lecture will last 24 seconds plus 7 words. Bets are open for the 7 words!! (Note that, contrary to the other Nobel Prize, the Ig Nobel Prizes often include winners in mathematics and statistics.)

2 Responses to “XL for 24/7 fame at (Ig) Nobel”

  1. Xiao-Li 24/7 is at about 1:05 on the webcast. His seven words: “the only crystal ball approved by God!”Not even 7±ε…

    • Thanks for the link! I could only find the youtube webcast with cut audio. Xiao-Li Meng’s main talk is from 1:11:52 to 1:12:08 (way less his allotted 24 seconds!)

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