it’s a bird… it’s a plane… ISBA deal!

As elections for ISBA officers are getting near, I (and every other ISBA member) got an email from Steve Scott reminding us to renew our membership. (Not that I really need it being a lifetime member!) The deals offered by Steve (ok, by ISBA!) are that the renewal fees remain at the 2013 rates till the end of the year. And that those who missed the 2013 renewal get the year free! For new members, the rates are as follows:

ISBA Dues *
Regular 1-year – $ 60.00
Student 1-year  – $ 25.00
Reduced 1-year  – $ 25.00
Joint ISBA/IMS  – $ 139.00
Lifetime  – $ 900.00

with an interesting (?) adjustment for lifetime membership: under 50, you have to add $50 for every year under 50, which sounds a bit of a deterrent! Note the great rate for students. (And check my earlier blog on why joining a statistical society.) And consider joining BayesComp and O’Bayes if you have not yet done so!

Steve added a most obscure disclaimer to his email: No sham-wow’s were harmed during the making of this email. Which forced me to watch this commercial video about super-duper (or not!) towels…

2 Responses to “it’s a bird… it’s a plane… ISBA deal!”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    So the lifetime membership fee is exactly how much you would spend yearly for 15 years (ie from 50 – 65, which is nominally the end of your working life). I don’t see where the incentive in that is…

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