kernel panic: iGoogle will be retired on November 1!!!

On every day, I now get a reminder that iGoogle will be retired in nn days… Terrible deadline looming closer and closer, less than a month now, and I still do not know how to compensate for this retirement! I started using iGoogle quite a while ago for following various RSS threads on newspapers and active blogs like Andrew’s, Rbloggers, and the like. Plus the weather in various parts of the World. In the past few days, I started experimenting with igHome, but it is awfully slow (on my slow machine) and does not reproduce all the apps I used on iGoogle. Nicolas had suggested another substitute I have now forgotten that merged all RSS flows into a single one, which made it unappealing to me… Any suggestion?  Like netvibes? (Maybe this is a good thing in the end, reducing the flow of information and thus temptations to check too many items on the Internet!)

4 Responses to “kernel panic: iGoogle will be retired on November 1!!!”

  1. I used igHome instead until the past days when it started deconnecting from my major newsfeeds. And have now moved to protopage which almost looks the same…

  2. JR Thomas Says:

    Another option is which is a bit simpler in what it offers, mostly bookmarks and RSS feeds. Let me know what you think.

    • Thanks, Larry, this is the one pointed out by Nicolas. I find it messy and uncongenial as I cannot see all latest entries at once… It kind of forces me to read ‘everything’!

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