I hate bikes (& cars)…

“Your shepe that were wont to be so meke and tame, and so smal eaters, now, as I heare saye, be become so great devowerers and so wylde…” Thomas More, Utopia

okay, now the provocative title is out, what is this about?! While I love biking in cities and bike everywhere I can on a daily basis, what I dislike about bikes is that they are mechanical objects, bound to need tuning every other second or so. Being myself ultimately mechanically challenged, even more so with the move from X to IX, I constantly have to bring my bikes to the repair shop… A new itinerant repair shed has actually appeared on Sundays near parc de Sceaux, but this remains annoying, esp. so when I am about to leave for a class and find that the brake has moved from its earlier position to exert a constant friction on the wheel. Overnight. Just like that. Due to the local leprechauns or korrigans presumably. Even though this is a kind of additional training, I find it immensely annoying. And since I do not know how to fix it, I turn the brake loose which does not add to my already limited safety. I thus hate bikes that need fixing.

And what about cars? What I do not understand (at least when I bike) is the urge all cars have to pass me at all costs! The red light may be on just 5 meters ahead, there may be a well-painted white line for the next 2 kilometres, a huge garbage truck may zero on us at the speed of light on the other lane, a school trip of 5 year old may be about to cross the road, I may have passed and re-passed it five times already, it does not matter, the car had to pass the bike. In a presumably atavistic reaction ingrained from the Ancient Times. Or Pavlovian, as in Big must pass Small.

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  1. Don’t get me started . . .

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