thumbleweed news [short story poll]

Although I alas received only three submissions (#a, #b, and #c), following my call for thumb-related short stories, I may as well go and have a poll (for two weeks) as to which one was most appreciated by ‘Og’s readers… (I just noticed you cannot put links within the poll answers, most annoyingly!)

3 Responses to “thumbleweed news [short story poll]”

  1. As this poll did not receive the attention it deserves, I let it run for a while. Now it is time to disclose the authors of these short stories: they all are from QUT to some extent: #a was written by Matt Moores, #c was written by Kate Lee (formerly at QUT and now in Auckland, New Zealand), and #b by myself (also adjunct professor at QUT!). Thanks to Kate and Matt for contributing those highly original alternative realities about my thumb. (I wrote mine based on a close brush with loosing a finger during a summer job working in the kitchen of a summer camp, 35 years ago.)

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