MCMSki IV, Jan. 6-8, 2014, Chamonix (news #12)

We are converging towards MCMSki IV getting closer and closer to the conference! I hope that by now all intended participants have registered (registration is still open!), found a place where to stay during and around the conference (still feasible!), and booked their flight to Geneva (or nearby).

First, please send me asap the  poster abstract to if you plan to present a poster. We are currently with 45 abstracts on my special wordpress blog and there is no deadline for sending your abstracts. Even though Jan. 07 may be a wee bit extreme….

Second, we are currently 195 registered participants. This is fantastic! I am looking forward this great company and do not expect to find free time to go skiing during the meeting! Note that there will be hardly any conference material, except for a single sheet with the program and rooms, so make sure to plan your session in advance. I also remind participants that the banquet is a paying option in the registration form. The cost is not included in the basic registration…

Third, make sure of your travel plans to and back from Chamonix. The airport in Geneva is 80 km away and you need to book a shuttle or a bus if your timing does not coincide with the two three shuttles (each way) available via the conference registration page. There are two doodles to monitor arrivals and departures, but hardly any entry so far. Not sure I can add any extra shuttle, but if there are enough of you… Check on the conference website for travel tips. And do not, I repeat do not!, consider booking a taxi at Geneva airport as an option, since they are extremely expensive. Horrendously so. (Both on the French and Swiss sides of the airport.)

2 Responses to “MCMSki IV, Jan. 6-8, 2014, Chamonix (news #12)”

  1. Hi

    the info on the doodles are not perfectly clear to me. Should a participant having already booked the shuttles from the conference website (like myself) still provide info in the doodle? The source for my confusion is the sentence “Participants departing at different times are advised to use the private shuttles advertised on the conference website. ”
    So are the “rented busses” as described in the doodle NOT the same as the “private shuttles” advertised on the conference website?

    • Umberto: yes and no!!! If you booked the shuttles on the registration webpage, you are fine. But knowing at which time you land is still useful for our planning; And the conference centre as well. If there are many people outside the planned trips, we may even consider booking another shuttle. Sorry for the confusion, Umberto, thanks for asking. And thanks for doodling!

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