comment j’ai détesté les maths [teaser]

A (French) documentary film about maths just came out on French screens this week, here is the preview/teaser (with English translation or subtitles):

I have not seen {comment j’ai détesté les maths} (and do not plan to!) as this movie/documentary seems to centre on a few exotic characters like Cédric Villani and to blame the subprime crisis on the mathematical modelling used in constructing complex financial products, so cannot see how this could improve the vision outsiders have of mathematics. Rather than of  mathematicians. And I have always hated the joke on the film poster (“Find X. Here it is!”), joke that adorns too many office doors in maths departments all over the World…

5 Responses to “comment j’ai détesté les maths [teaser]”

  1. My daughter pointed out that the second instalment of The Hobbit was also mathematically connected, at least for numerologists, as it came out on the 11/12/13. The first one was on the 12/12/12. She then mentioned this would not work for next year, to which I objected that 10/12/14 is also a regular sequence…

  2. Oops, I think “arrêter” should be “arrêtez”. It sounded right in my head — damn you Google Translate!

  3. Algèbre, arrêter de me demander de trouver votre x. Elle ne reviendra pas.

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