40ièmes Foulées de Malakoff [5k, 7⁰C, 18:36, 13th & 1st V2]

(Warning: post of limited interest to anyone there, as I am posting about a local race I ran!)

Once more, I managed to run my annual 5k in Malakoff, having recovered from my Chamonix flu earlier and better than last year. And being (barely) around on the day of the race. I actually succeeded in achieving my best time over several years (3:41-3:47-3:41-3:43-3:43, for a total time of 18:36.) I also finished first in my V2 category, a feat I was far from expecting. The light training last week in Warwick eventually did help for such a short distance at a faster pace! And my INSEE Paris Club team won the company challenge for yet another year. Repeating last year setting, I was furthermore running the race with my daughter, who ended third ex-aequo with a friend. 

Here is a picture of the race start, already in the Lenin stadium (Malakoff may be the last town in France to enjoy a Lenin stadium!), but before WWII…

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