Annual Review of Statistics and its Application, vol. 1

AnnualRevGot this book in my mailbox the other day. It is somewhat a unique object in that it is a high quality book with solid bindings, glossy paper, colours on every page and a nice layout… And even my name (as well as all other authors’) on the cover!

I am somewhat surprised there are still books “like that” (private joke for Sempé‘s aficionadi) as I wonder at which niche “they” are aiming at. What is basically unclear to me is the nature and business model of the “non-profit” Annual Reviews. Presumably selling the entire collection of Annual Reviews for $9312 helps in making the scheme “non-profitable”, at $339 for this single volume. If just a few libraries buy them. Especially when authors get no perks other than a single copy of the book. (To be completely fair, the book is available on-line for free for the first year.) So, in retrospect, (a) I should have been more careful in checking the fundamentals of this publication, as I foolishly assumed when contacted that it was a new journal (!), and (b) I should also have taken better advantage of the editing and printing facilities, using margins for highlights and comments, adding markers on important bibliographical references, and including vignettes as those Sam Behesta suggested for my CHANCE book reviews… (It did not come at the best of times, but still I should have tried harder.)

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