faculty positions in statistics at ENSAE, Paris

Here is a call from ENSAE about two positions in statistics/machine learning, starting next semester:

ENSAE ParisTech and CREST is currently inviting applications for one position at the level associate or full professor from outstanding candidates having demonstrated abilities in both research and teaching. We are interested in candidates with a Ph.D. in Statistics or Machine Learning (or related field) whose research interests are in high dimensional statistical inference, learning theory or statistics of networks.

The appointment could begin as soon as September 1, 2014. The position is for an initial three-year term, with a possible renewal option in case of positive evaluation of research and teaching activities. Salary for suitably qualified applicants is competitive and commensurate with experience. The deadline for application is May 19, 2014.  Full details are given here for the first position and there for the second position.

3 Responses to “faculty positions in statistics at ENSAE, Paris”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    If only… *sigh*. The temptation to delude myself into believing that I could totally learn French is high :p

    • I am not sure French is such an issue: having a native English speaker could be a plus. Just do not mention you love teaching in Old Norse…

      • Dan Simpson Says:

        The great thing about teaching in Old Norse is that no one can tell if I’m making it up. (Except certain homicidal death metal bands)

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