5 Munros, enough for a day…

BenLawersTaking advantage of cheap [early] Sunday morning flights to Edinburgh, I managed to bag  a good hiking day (and three new Munros) within my trip to Scotland. I decided about the hike in the plane, picking the Lawers group as one of the closest to Edinburgh… The fair sequence of Munros in the group (5!) made it quite appealing [for a Munro-bagger], until I realised I would have to walk on a narrow road with no side-walk for 6km to complete the loop. Hence I decided on turning back after the third peak (An Stuc, recently promoted to Munro-fame!), which meant re-climbing the first two Munros from the “other” side, with a significant addition to the total differential (+1500m).  The weather was traditional Scottish, with plenty of clouds, gales and gusts, a few patches of blue sky, and a pleasant drizzle for the last hour. It did not seem to bother the numerous walkers passed on the first part of the trail. As usual, an additional reward with hiking or climbing in Scotland is that one can be back in time in town (i.e., Edinburgh) for the evening curry! Even when leaving from Paris in the morning.


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