“those” coincidences

waverleyLast Thursday night, after a friendly dinner closing the ICMS workshop, I was rushing back to Pollock Halls to catch some sleep before a very early flight. When crossing North Bridge, on top of Waverley station, I then spotted in the crowd a well-known face of a fellow statistician from Cambridge University, on an academic visit to the University of Edinburgh that was completely unrelated with the workshop. Then, today, on my way back from submitting a visa request at the Indian embassy in Paris, I took the RER train for one stop between Gare du Nord and Chatelet. When I stood up from my seat and looked behind me, a senior (and most famous) mathematician was sitting right there, in deep conversation with a colleague about algorithms… Just two of “those” coincidences. (Edinburgh may be propitious to coincidences: at the last ICMS workshop I attended, I ended up in the same Indian restaurant as Marc Suchard, who also was on an academic visit to the University of Edinburgh that was completely unrelated with the workshop!)

2 Responses to ““those” coincidences”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    It’s fully possible that I recently went through passport control in Oslo behind Andrew Gelman. Or, possibly, behind an American who looked like Gelman. Or, possibly, behind someone who looked nothing like Gelman and I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

    In hindsight, this is a much less interesting story.

    • Nice one: it is always easier to spot coincidences when looking for some. Esp. when not wearing glasses. Still had another of “those” last Saturday when I met both my PhD student Clara and my nephew Alexis whithin a matter of minutes among the hundreds of thousands enjoying La Fête de la Musique in down-town Paris.

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