new laptop with ubuntu 14.04

Screenshot 2014-05-31 21:55:55As I was getting worried about the chances of survival of my current laptop (bought in emergency upon my return from Kyoto!), I decided to use some available grant money to buy a new laptop without stepping through the emergency square. Thanks to my local computer engineer, Thomas, I found a local dealer selling light laptops with an already installed Ubuntu 14.04… And qwerty (UK) keyboards. Even though the previous move to Kubuntu 12.04 had been seamless, a failed attempt to switch a Mac to Ubuntu a few months later left me wary about buying a computer first and testing later whether or not it was truly Linux compatible. I am therefore quite happy with the switch and grateful to Thomas for the suggestion. I managed to re-compile my current papers and to run my current R codes, plus connect by wireless and read photos from my camera, hence validating the basic operations I primarily require from a computer! And reinstalled KDE. (I am still having difficulties with the size of the fonts in Firefox though. Which do not seem coherent from a tab to the next.) Enough to sacrifice a new sticker to cover the brand on its cover….

17 Responses to “new laptop with ubuntu 14.04”

  1. Have I missed something; what is the name of the dealer?

  2. You can often take an ubuntu cd to the computer store and boot into it on their display model to check compatability issues.

  3. I’m starting to play with Linux in some classes, can you refer me to the dealer, especially if it’s a good price. thanks

  4. Curious as to what you got and for how much. The resolution looks great (for coding)!

  5. Hi,
    Could you provide the model of the laptop? It is hard to get one with 14.04, the best would be to get ultrabook. I’m looking for some time already. Mainly for R development.

  6. I am curious the brand of computer you bought and what store was selling the laptop.

  7. Firefox font size is a matter of pressing either -‘+’ oder -‘-‘
    (minus) often enough but not to often to accomodate to your individual preferences. What is the sticker going to look like?

  8. May I ask what laptop you settled on? I’m currently looking for precisely the same thing: a light laptop to use Linux on, primarily for programming and writing papers, i.e. work. I have been pondering using a Mac but the experience of others – including yourself – has made me grow a bit wary of this option.

  9. G. Grothendieck Says:

    Ubuntu does list certified hardware:

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