O’Bayes 2015: back in València

The next O’Bayes meeting (more precisely the International Workshop on Objective Bayes Methodology, O-Bayes15), will take place in València, Spain, on June 1-4, 2015. This is the second time an O’Bayes conference takes place in València, after the one José Miguel Bernardo organised in 1998 there.  The principal objectives of O-Bayes15 will be to facilitate the exchange of recent research developments in objective Bayes theory, methodology and applications, and related topics (like limited information Bayesian statistics), to provide opportunities for new researchers, and to establish new collaborations and partnerships. Most importantly, O-Bayes15 will be dedicated to our friend Susie Bayarri, to celebrate her life and contributions to Bayesian Statistics. Check the webpage of O-Bayes15 for the program (under construction) and the practical details. Looking forward to the meeting and hopeful for a broadening of the basis of the O’Bayes community and of its scope!

8 Responses to “O’Bayes 2015: back in València”

  1. “… do not exist Either”, I guess.

    • Dan Simpson Says:

      There is no reason for technical terms to follow ordinary definitions. Objective Bayes is a (reasonably) well defined thing. (Although I did have to check which bit of it they were talking about, as the line between Objective and Subjective tends to blur)

      I would recommend Section 1.3 of Berger’s paper “The case for objective Bayesian analysis”, which is entitled “Should we be using the word “objective”?”. It makes the point that it’s a (good) label for a strategy for setting priors. And that all statistical analysis (Bayesian or not) is obviously subjective.

  2. Dan Simpson Says:

    Dumb question from someone who isn’t up with the lingo: Is “Objective Bayes” in this context “Bayesian analysis with reference priors” or “Bayesian analysis that matches frequentist results” or what? It seems like a thing I’d be interested in (also – Spain has amazing ham!), but I don’t know how restrictive it is.

    • Dan: Actually, we would like very much you to come to Spain [and attend the meeting]! There is a fair chance you may be nominated a discussant by the committee. And anyway as a President-Elect I want the spectrum of the O’Bayes section to be as wide as possible, from weakly informative priors to partly defined models to limited inference and more. The type of work you did with Havard is absolutely within the range. Please come!

  3. Objective Bayes ……

    ain´t that an oxymoron ?


    • If this is a genuine question, look for works of Barbieri. Bayarri, Berger, Bernardo, Liseo, Pericchi, Sun, on the web. Or at least in Berger’s book. Or mine.

      • Dear Xian and Dan

        i´m not totally ignorant on the lingo.
        In fact, lingoes might contain oxymorons.
        (that´s my point, or better yet, the subjectivistic
        Bayesian point -a redundancy).

        I read all the works mentioned by Christian.

        I´m sure you guys know the works written by Bayes
        and the several exegeses written by Stigler.
        Thomas Bayes, from whom the word bayesian
        comes from, was indeed Bayesian. And subjectivistic.
        And predictivistic. His uniform prior was put over
        an observable variate.

        Parameters do not exist neither.

        Objective bayes, warm beer , …



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