Series B reaches 5.721 impact factor!

I received this email from Wiley with the great figure that JRSS Series B has now reached a 5.721 impact factor. Which makes it the first journal in Statistics from this perspective. Congrats to editors Gareth Roberts, Piotr Fryzlewicz and Ingrid Van Keilegom for this achievement! An amazing jump from the 2009 figure of 2.84…!

4 Responses to “Series B reaches 5.721 impact factor!”

  1. The impact factor is steadily growing because of so many papers being published, so can we know if 5.7 in 2014 is better than 2.8 in 2009?

  2. I’m not too worried about impact factors. The International Journal of Neural Systems has an amazing impact factor (over 6), and strangely enough many of its papers reference other papers, within the same journal, none of which I’ve ever heard of.

    For JRSS B, it would be more exciting news if they’d decided to go open access. Or even better, if statisticians accepted that the objective of a journal was to communicate knowledge, and that in the modern era it’s not necessary to make use of a major publisher to do so. Can’t you all club together and do something like JMLR?


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