Statistics first slides

La Défense from Paris-Dauphine, Nov. 15, 2012Today I started my new course of Statistics for our third year undergraduates. In English! A point that came as a surprise for the students but I got no complaint (so far) and they started asking questions in English during the class. The slides are “under construction” and this first chapter borrows a fair chunk from Andrew’s blog entries. Including the last slide on the six Kaiser Fung quotes, which was posted yesterday night. The next chapter is going to be more standard, with statistical models, limit theorems, and exponential families.

2 Responses to “Statistics first slides”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    In English! Around here, they tend to (at that level) have most of the material in English, the exams in two forms of Norwegian and English (!!) and the lectures in whatever language seems to be appropriate (English if necessary, otherwise Norwegian). Is it similar in Paris? Or is a course in English a novelty?

    • Yes, this is such a novelty that there are still legislators who want to make it illegal! Nonetheless the offer of (Fr)English taught is slowly increasing and rightly so if France hopes to attract exchange students.

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