my ISBA tee-shirt designs

Here are my tee-shirt design proposals for the official ISBA tee-shirt competition! (I used the facilities of as I could not easily find a free software around. Except for the last one where I recycled my vistaprint mug design…)


While I do not have any expectation of seeing one of these the winner (!), what is your favourite one?!

2 Responses to “my ISBA tee-shirt designs”

  1. Hmm it appears as if your internet site consumed our 1st remark (it was particularly long) therefore i imagine I’ll merely conclude what I had created composed and point out, I’m totally taking pleasure in your website.

  2. Although the official tee-shirt is not yet out, it seems like my “werewolves at Bayes” tee-shirt made it to the final but then lost to the competition! I am quite surprised as I though “Bayes was a bloke” stood a better chance… If anyone is interested in one of those tee-shirts send an email to bayesianstatistics[AT]gmail

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