a pile of new books

IMG_2663I took the opportunity of my weekend trip to Gainesville to order a pile of books on amazon, thanks to my amazon associate account (and hence thanks to all Og’s readers doubling as amazon customers!). The picture above is missing two  Rivers of London volumes by Ben Aaraonovitch that I already read and left at the office. And reviewed in incoming posts. Among those,

(Obviously, all “locals” sharing my taste in books are welcome to borrow those in a very near future!)

6 Responses to “a pile of new books”

  1. Can you do a review of Rothfuss’s Regard of Silent things once you’ve read it? I’ve read some VERY negative reviews, and I really must make up my mind whether it’s actually worth spending time on.

  2. The Hobb book is very Hobb-y. It once again turns on Fitz doing very stupid things.

    • Is there any book in the pile you have not read yet AND are interested in?!

      • I’ve not read any of the others and they all look interesting (except the scifi one – it’s not my favourite genre). I’ve got the slow regard of silent things on my kindle, but i’m currently inching through a massive and strange military thriller called The Kills by Richard House. Still not sure what I think of it…

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