another ultimate argument

Yet another astounding argument by Gérard Longuet, who showed on France Inter last night on a debate about the Minsk agreement  that his perspective on history was as unusual as his views on genetics:

“En fait, il y a deux pays qui ont envahi la Russie, c’est la France et l’Allemagne…”

[Translation: In fact, there are only two countries that invaded Russia, France and Germany]. Missing the Polish-Moscovite War of 1605-1618 and the Swedish invasion of Russia in 1708-1709…

6 Responses to “another ultimate argument”

  1. Let’s add the Continuation War with the Finns during WW2.

  2. The United States and Britain as well:

    Japan too faught a major land battle with Russia on the eve of WWII in or near Russian terrority. The Soviets only stopped them because of a fantastic general they had on the scene and some other lucky factors.

    See that bit at bottom listed under “In popular culture” about the true story of a Korean that US troops picked up on D-Day in a German Uniform. He had been consripted in the Japanese army, fought the Russians, then constripted into the Russian army, and fought the Germans, and then constripted into the German army.

    That’s one hell of a way to get free travel from Korea to Normandy.

  3. Mongolia might want a word, too.

    • Yes, indeed, even though it can be disputed whether or not there was a Russia at the time. Presumably Kievan Rus’ can be considered as such. And may explain why Russia does not want to see Ukraine escape its influence.

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