a marathon a day for… a year?!

“I think a lot of people do not push themselves enough.” Rob Young

I found this Guardian article about Rob Young and his goal of running the equivalent of 400 marathons in 365 days. Meaning there are days he runs the equivalent of three marathons. Hard to believe, isn’t it?! But his terrible childhood is as hard to believe. And how cool is running with a kilt, hey?! If you want to support his donation for disadvantaged children, go to his marathon man site. Keep running, Rob!

2 Responses to “a marathon a day for… a year?!”

  1. Incredible, but let’s see if he manage to. In the meantime running 3 marathons straight is certainly more than remarkable. But have you ever heard of Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen? In 2014 he ran fourty 100 mile races for a total of 4863 miles = 7826 in the year. About one half marathon a day. But then again he has not been running every day, and there have been weekends when he has run TWO 100 mile races!

    • It now seems most of Rob Young’s claims to ultra-distance running are unsubstantiated and in the trans-America race proven to be fake. The associated Wikipedia page is quite brutal in its study of those claims!

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